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Training cats

Training cats may be a challenging job, but as cats are fast learners you will soon be rewarded with a well behaved cat. Proper training will even let your cat do simple tricks that you will love. It will also involve other important aspects like grooming and scratch training and most importantly litter box training.

Tips that will works wonders:

Cats after all are a different species. Training cats should be based on their mental abilities, instincts and needs and he will learn over time what you want them to do. It is important to begin the training in early stages of development as they will learn faster.

Toilet Training: This is definitely not an easy job. It will take time to develop but with patience and regularity you can. However you will need to have a separate toilet if you are planning to toilet train your cat. He will need to be at least 6 months before he can start using the toilet. Training cats to use toilets will solve a lot of problems. The cat will take some time get used to the height and strength of the flush but once it can, you will be a proud owner.

Teaching him little tricks: Training cats to do little funny things is simply a delight for the cat owner. But you will really to start early to make this work. You can teach your kitten to learn to fetch a ball or to jump over little objects. However try to teach him things that are right for his mental development, or else he will be completely turned off.

Training cats is a job that you will certainly enjoy. The goal is to make it even more enjoyable to the cat. You can very easily make them well behaved at homes. A very firm approach with lots of love, affection and treats will develop the desired behavior in your cat.

A perfect way for training cats is to use the step-by-step guide:

It’s highly recommended that if you want to train your cats, that you use a step by step guide. Why? Because a guide like this has been created by professional cat trainers who have placed all their tips and tricks into 1 huge training program.

It will learn you how you can toilet train your cat, how to stop your cat from biting people and other pets, how to stop cat aggression and so many other area’s are covered too.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Cat Care And Cat Behavior Guide

With this guide you will surely be able to train up your cat. Follow the link above and you will know what you need to know about training cats.


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Maintaining a Cat Litter Box

Maintaining a Cat Litter Box is probably one of the major problems often faced by cat owners. Cats are no wonder the most popular and the most loved pets. But it can be quite challenging at times to give the best possible care to the felines. Love along with discipline is what is needed to get the desired behavior in your cat.

Reasons why your cat may not use the cat litter box:

If you think your cat has developed apathy towards the litter box, try and find out the reasons. Cats are generally clean by nature and are extremely averted by dirty space.

Clean and fresh litter box

It is absolutely important that the cat litter box is cleaned twice daily with fresh litter and disinfected once every week. Your cat will never use a litter box that smells of urine. A clean litter box will not only motivate the cat to use it but also protect the entire house from a lot many diseases.

One litter box for every cat

If you are having more than one cat at home, make sure to provide one fresh cat litter box for each.

Size does matter

Make sure that the cat litter box that you provide for your pet should have enough room for her to turn around. If she has to squeeze in, then she will simply not use it, therefore, it is recommended to have a bigger litter box for your pals.

Litter smells bad

The smell of the litter may also turn off your fuzzy friend. So you will need to observe which one smells right for your pet. Even if you are changing the litter type, make sure that you do it gradually as that could also be the cause of the problem.

The cat litter box problem is mainly of two types – either physical or behavioral. You will have to take a closer at it yourself and find out the reason. A visit to the vet will help in deciding it is a physical problem. But generally as cats are quick learners, all that is wanted from you is patience.

Cat litter box training constitutes an important aspect of the cat training program. In fact a step- by-step guide and help is what is needed to inculcate the litter box habit. You will soon realize that cat training is extremely easy, fun and definitely rewarding.

Using A Step by Step Cat Training Guide To Learn Your Cat How To Use The Cat Litter Box

It’s highly recommended that if you need professional help with doing this, that you use a step by step guide. A Guide like this will help you to learn your cat how to use the litter box. But not only that, it’s basically a huge cat training guide. From keeping your cat healthy to stop your cat’s biting problems, it’s all explained in this step by step guide.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Cat Care And Cat Behavior Guide

This program will guide you through all the important aspects of cat care and you will surely have a well behaved cat in no time.


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Cat Spraying

Cat Spraying is a common amongst cats and both felines and canines have a unique way of marking their territories – spraying in a vertical fashion. House cats are felines with the same instincts and this becomes a cause for misery for the pet owners. These short spurts of urine leave marks and an un-endurable stench in the house. Instead of bidding good bye to your pet maybe things can be sorted out in an amiable manner.

Cat spraying may stem from two main reasons – either the pet has not been neutered or has a medical problem. Both these causes will need expert vet advice and medication. Once your pet is neutered the spraying stops within a few weeks and thus your problem is solved.

Identifying spraying

The difference between spraying and urinating is that spraying is always done vertically on furniture legs, bed posts, curtains, shoes, doors etc. with the cat standing erect and the tail raised stiff and high. Whereas the cat urinates in a horizontal position on the bed, carpet, clothes, sinks, bath tubs, floors with a lot of urine in the area.

Do’s and dont’s

Since cat spraying is an instinctive nature belying the fact that the cat feels endangered or threatened, discipline or reprimand may have an adverse effect. It can aggravate the situation and psychologically harm your pet. Best course of action would be to identify the reason and make physical and environmental changes.

Tips to stop your cat from spraying

Either remove the sprayed object or remove the odor completely with the help of the right cleaning solutions and sprays.

Next change the object into a “rubbing post” from a “spray marking post” by rubbing Feliway on the spray areas. This is a synthetic facial pheromone behavior modification product and gives out the same smell as when a cat rubs its face on any surface.

If you have more than one cat, give each of them enough space with separate litter boxes, food containers and water bowls.

With two cats or more, partiality towards any particular cat/kitten can also trigger off hostility and spraying. Pay equal attention to each cat and groom them daily with motherly care.

A step by step guide can help you with Cat spraying by giving you some of the following tips :

It’s highly recommended that if you want help from professionals, that you use a step by step guide. Inside a guide like this, you’ll find out exactly with step by step instructions on what to do and how to do it, how you can stop your cat’s spraying activities.

* Ways of getting rid of sprays.
* Identifying of the actual sprayer in the house if you have one.
* 5 ways to outsmart the cats
* Tips for multi cat homes
* Identify reasons of cat spraying

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Cat Care And Cat Behavior Guide

To know more about your pet cat it is always good to exchange notes with other cat owners and a visit to the link above would certainly give you the best of tips and advices on cat spraying.


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Cat Sneezing

Recurrent Cat Sneezing is not a sign of good health. Though it is not uncommon for the cats to sneeze from time to time, but crossing limit surely calls for an immediate attention.

It can be for a variety of reasons like allergy, cold or even sinusitis. You will have to make note of how frequently the cat is sneezing- if it is periodic, it may not be serious but excessive ones need immediate medical attention.

Causes of sneezing: Sneezing may have a number of causes; some are serious while the others not so serious.

General Causes: One of the main causes of cat sneezing may result from dust allergy. In this case, cleaning the house properly may help. Changing the dusty litter may also help. In case of the winter months spraying a vaporizer will help to put some extra moisture in the air and can resolve the issue.

More Serious Causes:

Upper Respiratory Problems: If you notice swelling of the eyes and glands, discharge in the eyes or even excessive mucus, along with excessive cat sneezing, it may be an upper respiratory infection. You will need to seek medical help immediately.

Block in the Nasal Passage: If your pet has inadvertently inhaled anything and has his nasal passage blocked, it will cause sneezing. It can be anything from perfume, cat litter, pest sprays, mold and others.

Any underlying Dental Problem: Dental problem may also be the culprit in this case. Redness and swelling of the gums or tooth pain may result in sneezing. A regular dental cleaning by your vet will keep the problems checked.

How to deal with the situation: It is a good idea to give you cats some fatty acid supplement that will boost up her immune system. In certain cases saline nose drops helps to reduce the irritation and cat sneezing.

Dealing with such situation may be demanding. Seeking professional help is advised if you notice that the symptoms does not reside. Cat sneezing treatments will depend on the nature of the symptoms. In case of fungal infections, anti fungal drug or the use of antibiotics will ease the situation.

Using a step by step guide to stop your cat from sneezing

Help is always at hand and you can refer to the step-by-step guide that will give you excellent tips to deal with an emergency situation. A guide like this has been written by professionals who have been in the cat industry for many years. Inside the guide you’ll find great tips and tricks that many people don’t know of, but they’re great for stopping your cat from sneezing.

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Cat Care And Cat Behavior Guide

From cat sneezing to the most common aliment, you will find your way effectively to deal with the tough situation. Click on the link below and discover for yourself how to manage the situation with confidence and expertise.


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Cat Scratching Your Furniture

A Cat Scratching Your Furniture is one of the most common behavioral problems that are commonly faced by cat owners. Though underlying cause of the problem may have a number of reasons, but you will end up have having all your furniture scratched and thus paying a heavy price for it.

How to Prevent the Destructive Behavior:

This is one of the most important trainings that you need to give to your cat. Cat scratching furniture needs to be dealt at a fairly young age and the problem takes quite a few weeks to stop. You will need to deal with it immediately and very firmly as well.

There are different methods that you can use to stop the problem; however, you will have to find out for yourself what works best for your cat. You can use bubble sheets or aluminum foil where the noise will scare the kitty away. Cat scratching furniture can also be solved by spraying some citrus scented oils or sprays which will keep the cats away. But always check if it is fine to use them on your expensive furniture.

Scratch Pads- Investing in a good quality and appropriately sized scratching pad will solve the cat scratching furniture problem. But your kitty will need appropriate training for that. Effective methods and correct training will help your kitty.

Furniture Guards- The expensive furniture and other household items can be covered with a protective cover like a plastic covering or corners or even with adhesive sheets. This will keep the cat away from it.

Shelf Paper- Using this will be a nice way to prevent the cat from coming near where you don’t want him. Simply put the sticky side up on the cat scratching furniture and kitty will just avoid it.

Using a Step by Step guide is the perfect way to stop your cat from scratching furniture.

You can always refer to our step-by-step guide to how you can tackle this mischievous behavior of your cat or kitten.

Some of the things in the guide that would help you with cat scratching furniture problem are:

* 7 ways to make your furniture unappealing to the cat
* Ways to make the scratching post fun for your cat
* Get to know about the reasons why cats scratch
* Reasons why cats scratch the post

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Cat Care And Cat Behavior Guide

The guide will show you how exactly to deal with this serious situation and put a complete stop to it.


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